Flaming Hotties Tag

I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “hotties” in this blog. Strange.

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Merry Christmas!

Seasons Greetings~! 😀

not even a Christmas KnK moment, but meh

Leap250’s Blog has been semi-dead for the majority of 2014, and I really do feel bad about that. I only have one more post planned before I close off the year but all the same, for the readers who chance upon my blog from time to time, thank you so, so much. I don’t expect a sudden resurgence of blog activity from myself by the start of the new year (and I’m pretty sure most of y’all who still drop by my blog are used to my sporadic posting) and I’ll talk about that (and maybe even the future of this blog) in a couple of days.

So with that aside; I’m sincerely wishing you guys a Merry Christmas.
Have a good one 😀

The Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

The jig is up – lady warden Snippettee has found me on twitter, and has called me out to the ani-blogger lineup to be questioned. I’m sure a great deal of you guys (if not, like, all of you guys) have encountered this game organized by Iso, but yeah, basically it’s a game wherein those who’re tagged are given a set of questions to answer (well, the game’s deadline has passed so I can’t really tag other people.)

So, yes, here’s me being interrogated 😀

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