Idol Chit-Chat — Delayed Viewings (with Carriage from ACarriageReturn)


photo credit to Azoland Pictures / Aqours First Live ~Step ZERO to ONE!~ @ Azoland (LA)

Carriage and I talk about Delayed Viewings; specifically the DVs of some of the Love Live! franchise’s idol concerts that we’ve respectively attended.

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Idol Chit-Chat — Tokyo Idols (with Al from SliceOfAlfredo), Part 2

This is a direct continuation of our discussion of Tokyo Idols from last month, so if you haven’t yet, do check out the first half of it here!

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Idol Chit-Chat — Tokyo Idols (with Al from SliceOfAlfredo), Part 1

Trailer/Primer for Tokyo Idols here.

*You can catch Tokyo Idols (“Tokyo Girls” in some countries) on Netflix, BBC Four if you live in the UK, and if both options are not available to you, here’s a YouTube link to a “compressed” version of it — all the dialogue is kept but a lot of establishing shots are cut

No, this is totally not a ploy to get people to talk idols with me…
(and to be fair, I did ask nicely xD).

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