Summer Checklist Update #1

Finally some progress!

☑ Finish, and subsequently review Bamboo Blade

☑ At the same time, get around to finishing Revolutionary Girl Utena

That’s two out of thirteen down. It was awesome to finally cross Bamboo Blade out of my never-ending list. To finish Utena is also very very fulfilling, I think. Something that I’d almost consider a “must watch”. I’m almost halfway through Kannagi, and also eleven episodes in to Gundam SEED. As for the “Cover more than one show during the Spring 2012 season” I’ve decided to cover Sankarea and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, effective come next week. For a multitude of reasons, I decided not to cover Medaka Box (for now at least). Yumestate’s Anime Watcher’s Club is also well underway (check it out here and here) I’m gonna check that out after we finish Aoi Bungaku. So yeah, I’m way past the midway point of April with a lesser amount of progress than I had hoped for, but I think I can make it ^^